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Turkey's CHP targets support of working class, after veiled women

Within the context of the new move, CHP will hold contacts with anti-Justice and Development Party (AKP) members of DISK (Confederation of Revolutionary Workers' Union), KESK (Confederation of Public Workers Trade Unions) and Turk-Is (Turkish Labor Unions), Hurriyet said.

CHP will initially offer a freedom of association to leftist workers’ unions, DISK and KESK, in the regions where they win a victory in the March 2009 local elections. The party is also expected to make contact with the anti-government segment of Turk-Is, a union that is claimed to be under the ruling AKP's control.

A recent move of the CHP, a strong supporter of secularism in Turkey, in which it welcomed the veiled religious community into the party, was widely debated around the country.

Source: Hurriyet (Turkey), December 11, 2008

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