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Kurds Declare "Democratic Autonomy"

The Kurdish umbrella organization, Democratic Society Congress (DTK) held yesterday, an extraordinary meeting with 850 delegates in the southeastern province of Diyarbakir. Kurdish MP Aysel Tugluk announced the final declaration of the Congress, and said, "Kurdish people don't want to pursue its national presence as a society without status." She said, "We, as Kurdish people, are declaring our democratic autonomy on the basis of a common country. We want the required conditions to be prepared that will allow the architect of democratic autonomy project and the leader of Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan to make more contribution (towards that goal)".

The timing of the declaration which coincides with the deadly attack on Turkish military, added to the public outrage.

Diyarbakir’s public prosecutor started an immediate investigation of the declaration of “Democratic Autonomy” and requested the security department to hand all visual recordings of Kurdish MP Aysel Tugluk’s declaration speech.

Source: Hurriyet, Milliyet (Turkey), July 15, 2011

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